look closely, and you will see beauty everywhere

the visually stunning

world of plants that come in many different forms, shapes and colors provide an excellent basis for artwork, like the marijuana leaf

let me see

have you ever looked

what vitamins look like under the microscope? you should! they're beautiful, like vitamin c over here

I want to explore that

these very small but

hugely important neurotransmitters that we can't live without are mesmerizing to look at, like serotonin 

let's see

this pretty vitamin

called folic acid helps your body produce and maintain new cells and also helps prevent changes to DNA that may lead to cancer

show me

The hormone that

regulates sleep and wakefulness, melatonin, looks fantastic under the microscope


you want it

there's no doubt about it. dopamine

I do


orchids are definitely my favorite flowers <3. this is the orchis italica also called the naked man orchid 

orchids are stunning

outer space

nuff said. the fucking universe 


go outside on a clear night

and you might see some meteoroids entering Earth's atmosphere

I must

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